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How can we transform your life?
Personal Training
As your personal trainer, I will assist you through the process of actively working towards better health by providing support, encouragement, and education while keeping you active.

Personal Chef Meals
You are what you eat. We offer health meal plans that we will personally cook and deliver to you! All meals are made with Organic and NON-GMO Ingredients and locally sourced when available.

Wellness Workshops
As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Wellness Educator, I facilitate Wellness Workshops (in-home and corporate) that explore ways to improve health.

Our Mission

What is our mission?

“To feed the body, mind and soul in order to give more energy, greater health and clarity to ones Life’s purpose. We do this through teaching on eating whole, buying local, seasonal and as Organic as we can. We educate through Monthly Workshops, In-home Cooking/educational classes, Personal Training Services, Meal Ministry, Personal Chef Service

We believe in the motto, “Let food be your medicine, Let medicine be your food”. Getting families back into the kitchen goes back to when I was a little girl, My Mom always was in the kitchen cooking delicious, nutritional food, There was not a day when that stove was not operating. Having a home-cooked meal every day was important to my Mom and her Family and it has carried over to me and my Family.

“Getting Families back into the kitchen” can be challenging but with a little planning and teamwork, we all can make it happen.

Meet Carla

I will be your personal trainer and personal chef!
Carla Turbide
Carla Turbide


When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2002, I decided to make it my Life's mission to educate myself with the disease and make some Lifestyle changes to help with the symptoms. I have always been a very good eater, at least I thought. I am a very active person instructing many classes at my local gym. Also running several times a week proved to keep me in top shape.

Little did I know, I felt, MS might not of had anything to do with my active lifestyle. I educated myself everyday, read books, talked to people who had MS. I then connected with a Holistic Nutritionist and she helped me change my nutrition protocol and I have not looked back since. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and educated myself. Little did I know, this would change my Life. I eliminated, the two culprits, which I feel, are pre-cursors to Inflammation in the body, dairy and red meat. Anyone who has an Autoimmune disease can absolutely relate. I also started to consume all Organic meats including Free-range Chicken and added more Wild Fish high in Omega 3's and I added fresh Organic produce and ALOT more fresh leafy greens and healing Veggies. I also made sure I supplemented with Vitamin D3 and other supplements.

I have to say, "I feel really good", I feel strong. I do pay attention to my body and slow down when it tells me too. Everyone who is struggling with MS is different. Everyone has their story. This is my story and I am willing to share it with anyone who will have the open door to listen.

Carla is a Certified IIN Health/Wellness/Nutrition Coach and also holds a Food Handling Certification through ServSafe and is Certified as an AFAA Personal Trainer for 23 years. Her education goes back to her childhood watching and helping her "Beautiful Mom" in the Kitchen cook delicious Italian home cooked meals. It later moved to working at local restaurants learning from the Chefs. After being diagnosed in 2002 with MS, she has made it her passion to further her culinary skills and education into "Helping Families get back into the Kitchen" believing that the food we eat is underestimated and that Nutrition is everything, that "we are what we eat" and by eating WHOLE FOODS and staying away from processed and genetically engineered foods (GMO'S) is a game winner and could be the answer to helping the World achieve optimal health.

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